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I am ranked in the top few percent of freelancers in the world with a 100% job success score, 5 star record classed 'Top Rated' by UpWork.

"As ever, Paolo has been utterly fantastic, completing what was required in a shorter space of time to an excellent level of quality. I really cannot recommend this man enough, his technical skill, attention to detail and above all, highly effective communication skills make working with him on a project an absolute breeze. "

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Who am I and what is my story?

I started out, as many do, washing pots and pans for a local pub restaurant. I remember spending a good portion of my wages on hiring video rentals and console games from the now non-existent Blockbuster rentals (R.I.P).

Aware that I had an interest in computers, one quiet evening the restaurant owner asked me if I wanted to swap some hours by helping him make a small website.

As you can imagine, that wasn’t a difficult decision. And that’s how it all started...

Fast forward some years later and many a local website accomplished, for very little or no revenue, my interest in building websites along with my own self confidence soared. I was like a sponge, even at a young age, absorbing as much as I could from both design and development perspectives. Yet I wasn’t even 18 years old.

When I turned 18 I set up my first company. This success was short-lived. Infact, it lasted less than a couple of months as I realised I wasn’t really ready to start this as a full time career. What it did do, however, was help fund my travelling interest. I landed in Australia and after doing and seeing plenty of touristy things, I managed to get work as a junior web developer. In the few years that followed I was employed by several successful design and development firms and it was during this time that I began to improve my previously self taught craft.

At 23 PaoloR was conceived and incorporated. The rest, as they say, is history.

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